Monday, August 10, 2009

SMS as a Business Critical Mechanism

All relevant research point to an unprecedented and continuous growth of both mobile messaging traffic and revenue - even with the current economic crunch. Enterprise messaging is expected to grow significantly, according to Informa Telecoms; enterprises sent 81 billion application-to-person SMS in 2008. The volume is forecast to grow 17.8% year-on-year until 2013. A recent survey indicates that Short Message Service (SMS) mobile text messaging has blossomed into a critical mechanism enabling enterprises to instantly send urgent alerts and notifications to support customer service, marketing, emergency management, and other time-critical business functions. Further, half of the companies surveyed expect to increase their usage of SMS in the coming year due to the immediacy, mobility, and affordability that the medium offers.

Operators looking into desktop messaging specifically MessageManager aim to satisfy the growing requirement of businesses to send messages from the privacy of their own offices to large number of recipients guaranteeing delivery within minute. Moreover, SMBs are looking to automate their businesses and send customized SMS for a variety of services. On top of this, customers do not want to get into a steep learning curve and want to have it all immediately without complicated setups.

MessageManager is a proven solution; statistics indicate that for corporate entities; traffic is exponential during the first few months. About 90% of corporate customers continue to be active users over time. Based on data available, and after several months of usage, the average number of messages per month for business users is around 12,500 SMS per month per user. Of course this average is across all customers small and large, referring only to large customers will bring the average up to close to 110,000 SMS per month per user.

It is also important to note that on average 29% of the corporate traffic is one to one – mainly from applications sending notifications or events, while the remaining 71% is considered bulk traffic broadcast to many individuals at once.

MessageManager allows the operator not only to meet the goals, but boost its brand image as a technology leader and achieve customer retention by introducing consumer targeted products extending the reach of the mobile operator into the PC online world.

Of course, the long-term goal is also maintained: to drive mobile marketing and increasing messaging revenue throughout the MessageManager platform services.

If you are an operator, contact us for your free trial now.


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