Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who are we ?

PowerMeMobile was born in 2002 to provide desktop messaging solutions and VAS services to Middle Eastern Operators.

Since then, we have grown from 1 developer to over 25 - but our mission is still the same: provide a combination of powerful mobile solutions and unbeatable services for our customers.
Our core team works in developing the leading desktop messaging solution in the Middle East, named MessageManager.

MessageManager is a unique mobile operator platform that allows SMS and MMS delivery via a variety of interfaces - with virtually no throughput limit.
Indeed, this solution can grow modularly to match any needed speed requirement, be it SMS or MMS.
This platform won't just send SMS and MMS - but actually receive them as well.
The sending and receiving process happens through a variety of interfaces:
  1. Desktop Client
  2. Web Interface
  3. Wap Interface
  4. Internet Explorer Interface
  5. Firefox Interface
  6. Outlook Interface
  7. OutlookExpress Interface
  8. Lotus Notes Interface
  9. MSN Interface
  10. Facebook Interface
  11. OpenSocial Interface
  12. ServiceMonitor Interface
  13. SMPP Client Interface
  14. API: Webservice and COM Object
  15. Command line tools for Linux, Mac and Windows
  16. Google Deskop Interface for Linux, Mac and Windows
  17. Gmail & IGoogle Interfaces

Obviously, the platform is also modular in the interfaces, i.e. above modules can be chosen in accordance with the operator's requirements. We'll surely be talking about those modules in later posts.

The platform has several other optional features that can be part of the deployment or not depending on the operator’s needs.
The virtue of this platform is a quick deployment of less than three months and a commercialization period of two months that will start earning the much-needed new VAS revenues. It does actually deliver results quite quickly, with
"2009 still forecasted to be the year of the SMS - again" according to WirelessWeek, operators are actually looking to diversify their offerings to their customers by growing their SMS/MMS traffic and monetize their investments.

Beyond P2P messaging, which is already saturated, Desktop messaging is the solution that will provide year on year growth and a very high Return on Investment - guaranteed.

Our satisfied operators can vouch for us ;) If you are in such a position, contact us for a free trial


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